Standard BSA 2018 Fall Prize Program

Fire Starter and Steel

A must-have product for any camper, this survival magnesium flint makes starting fires a cinch. Measuring 3 1/5" x 1/3", this handy accessory creates sparks by the friction created between the steel plate and the magnesium flit. It also comes with a steel knife for other outdoor needs.

Mini Dual LED Dynamo Flashlight w/ Keyring & BSA® Branding

This mini dynamo Keychain flashlight is self-powered so it never needs batteries to operate. Give the built-in crank a few turns and the superbright dual LED light will give you some illumination.

Cinch Backpack with BSA® Branding - Gold

This roomy cinch pack is made from 210D oxford and has a zippered front pocket with mesh sides. Size: 14"w x 16.5"h

6-COB Utility Light w/ Magnetic Back & Carabiner

This super-bright 6-COB LED pocket-sized utility light emits 100 lumens of white light. Handy carabiner clip securely attaches to your clothing, bike, backpack or tent. Features a powerful magnet on the back for mounting on most metal surfaces. Four-way switch features, High, Low (50%), Rapid Flashing, or Off. Operates for hours on 2 AAA batteries